Eszter Pálosi

Eszter Pálosi is a fashion designer from Transylvania. Her work is inspired by modern architecture and by the lines, the structures and the elements of nature, in such way that she redimensionates space and geometrically reinterprets it. Thus her collections are simultaneously unique and functional, which as contemporary apparel can come across as futuristical, due to the playfulness of their texture, silhouette and rhythm. She is interested in the crossroads between tradition and modern culture and in the border between these two; furthermore the process of the material becoming a unique piece of art also captures her interest. Conceptually, she builds her work on oppositions and according to her the integrity of her collections is given by the overlap and the combination within recycled textures. Her color scheme is based on grays, but she does not withheld from using vivid colors either. She has worked with several famous designers in Berlin and Denmark, experimented with street wear, haute couture and handwork too.

jurnalist Kitty Kocsis

Selected Works