Hajnalka László

The work of the Transylvanian born visual artist and advertising graphic designer Hajnalka László is characterized by transparency, consistency and by the use of minimalist solutions. Her applied graphics and digital photo manipulations reveal simultaneously a mature and charismatic artist, who often creates her flat composition switch an instinctive approach similar to an automatic reflex. Concisely, focusing on the essential, which does not exclude in particularly in advertising graphic works the use of decorative solutions, -with the use of geometric shapes or the use of textures that root back in the Art Nouveau plant ornaments, or the handling of a vibrant color palette which counteracts with the dark and somber tones of her images. Also, often the same effect is reached by the subtle use of features or lines, as opposed to the deep tones used on the large surfaces. In this case it is not just the contrast that is emphasized, but the proportion too, the highly concentrated, yet elegant, well- appointed counterpoint - perhaps this is the reason why her creations are truly effective. In terms of her themes, Hajnalka Laszló is gladly and almost exclusively dealing with the human body, with its pictorial possibilities and contemporary approaches. Often, she reaches back to historic perspectives, to well-known compositions, or for instance quotes Magritte re-questioning surrealistic questions in an effective manner.

art historian Eszter Túros

Selected Works