László Lakatos

Meeting László and his works, I got surrounded by a feeling of pleasure long felt. It is the good feeling of hope that there is someone to continue the strivings to revive the most valuable works of Transylvanian sculptors. To continue those plastic lines that can use with exceptional professional pretense the traditional topics, materials, tools armed with the contemporary mentality reaching into the antiquity of sculpture, in order to form communal thoughts – with an proprietary taste – considering the antique function of the art. This sculptural tradition inherited from the 20th century is pushing questions of universal wisdom like the mystery of bridging life and death, the diversity of relation between past and present but is excited by the sense and morality of sacrifice necessarily paired with the departing from obvious aptitudes. Its goal is the summing of the blessed moments of the holidays and the feelings connected to the ambitions of the everyday’s to create something average into a harmonic unity, the use of the opposing effects of sacral and profane qualities.

art historian Zoltán Vécsi Nagy

Selected Works