Vilmos Koter

Vilmos Koter is an artist from Csíkszereda, he graduted in Kolozsvár, among others has been to India, participated in the internationally reputable South Korean Geumgang Biennale and he is a regular guest at Korkép International Artist Colony located in Gyergyószárhegy. He is the type of artist who is not defined by one genre; his forms of expression are determined by the message he wants to express. That is the reason why one can barely find two or more works of his created in the same genre. The content of his work is delivered in a clean and lucid way. His works are dependent on the environment, may that be natural, rural or urban environment. An encounter with a given environment and culture has a creative effect on him. Every such encounter and contact, is elementary to him as an artistically lived process. He allows his environment to speak, to get involved in the process of creation fundamentally determining its nature. He leaves ephemeral prints on his environment in such way that he never wrecks with them. He has a very sensitive approach to his pieces, first of all he is the one who changes in the process of creation and makes this change available for us to live as well.

art historian Eszter Túros

Selected Works