Apor S. Ferencz

In the Transylvanian visual art of the last two decades we can also observe, that besides the growing differentiation concerning aesthetics, genre and taste some classical artistic virtues regain their reason for existence very palpably, such as workmanship and high standards of profession. These qualities manifest themselves in the works of Apor S. Ferencz in a nicety intensified almost to perfectionism. Beyond this, the professionalism in his case goes hand in hand with a topic, which many other contemporary artists have on their minds, too, i.e. the need of the representation of the normality of social life. Owing to the above named characteristics and as a consequence of his capacity to break free from daily conflicts, he can show up the social and cultural preferences, heavy-laden with conflicts due to the historical and geographical conditions of the given place and time, on a more general level, on the level of abstraction respectively on the level of a kind of prosaism with a slight tendency towards superrealism and grotesque that meets the expectations of a more universal art. Apor S. Ferencz manages this by choosing as a topic of his works private life, that runs its course in public places, he finds that common denominator of society, that makes up a distinguished part of the life of the so called common man, containing several romantic and symbolic-affective moments. So he finds the objects of his works of art in the civil life that is free from the expectations of the workplace or of other social and political obligations, though it still brings up enough moral and psychical dilemmas for each individual.

Vécsi Nagy Zoltán, art historian

Selected Works
Holiday Forever