Barna Fazakas

Barna Fazakas finds joy in painting. He works with a unique and ingenious technique: the cleanly painted fresh surfaces are coupled with drawing; this is how he reaches cosmic depths and strong tonalities. The visual artist’s world, who is residing in Belgium at the moment, is an elusively and extremely simplistic futuristic world. In his works which are often based on the use of his own photographs, he uses mythological, tribal or even comic books types of heroes, but one can also see the grotesque pendants of the ordinary person. The technology and electronics also appear in Barna’s work with twirled cable like interior monologues, and with the game between the search for roots and modernity. The artist from Csίkszereda is seeking to sustain himself from his work, at the moment he is researching for means and for possibilities lying in his own creativity.

jurnalist Kitty Kocsis

Selected Works