Eszter György and Emőke Szász are fashion designers and co-founders of Delikates fashion workshop, born in Sepsiszentgyörgy and Gyergyószentmiklós. Besides their own creations, accessories (shoulder bags, waist bags and laptop bags) and theatre costumes they are also involved in making wedding dresses. From the demandingly selected materials the hand assembled clothing collections are characterized by detail oriented solutions, by bright colors and by the frequently recurrent flower motifs. When choosing the material for wedding dresses lace and softly suave silk are mostly preferred. The clothes made by Eszter and Emőke would like to emphasize on femininity, while they also maintain their easy to wear and comfortable properties. Whenever their time spent together allows them to, they also make capsule collections, meaning timeless pieces which can easily be coupled with other pieces. When creating accessories their biggest source of inspiration is practicality. In their work they strive for the aesthetics of simplicity, without shying away from vintage and neo- romantic elements.

Csaba Varga

Selected Works