Szabolcs Barabás

Szablocs Barabás Transylvanian textile artist is the founder of the Barabás Design brand. His work consists of doing high quality lamps and instrument covers. His creations are exclusively handwork, done with always keeping in mind the special requests of his customers, thus these become original and unique. The color and the design of the lamps are limitless and flexible therefore the creation process turns into some sort of dialogue, between the functional and the decorative nature of his art and between what the customers desire. Thanks to their material, the lamps do not require stiffening, they do not wrinkle, can be easily cleaned, and also they fit into almost any space. “Since I can remember myself I was always preoccupied with the mystery lying in shape, material and color. My curiosity for constant experimenting has ambitioned me to try pairing different types of materials, to developing new shapes, all of this in such way so that the work I create is meaningful”– says the young artist.
Selected Works