Edina Andrási

The thoughtful and productive plastic offer of the young ceramic artist reminds us of the lifeworks created with compassion – sometimes not lacking aghast – of the craftsmen of the Middle Age. Her works mediate the continuously anxiety of back-and-forth moving striving for validity of our positioning. It wishes to grant formal answers to all inclinations towards maintaining and changing. In her works exceptionally harmonic style-schemes of story, yet also completeness-analyzing brokenness, systems of construction and destruction of the “whole” sometimes presuming each other – depicted in the simplest way – are often placed one next to another. She keeps seeking and finding formal possibilities to present traditional and new technologies, methods, hand-crafted and industrial procedures, musters assuring thematic vividness. And she does this in a way that those who take them in their hands as a user have no sign of doubt whatsoever regarding the function of her objects.

art historian Tamás Aknai

Selected Works